FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    mitarbeitervorteile.de is the market-leading benefit portal for employees and members. They receive advantages in numerous areas such as travel, fashion, cars, electronics and much more. The closed circle of users provides special advantages from which you as a company employee benefit.

    In order to take advantage of the benefits, you must register once. Click on REGISTER at the top of the home page and enter the required data. After successful registration you can log on to the advantage portal with your e-mail and your chosen password. If you have subscribed to the newsletter, please confirm this via the link that was automatically sent to your e-mail address.

    You can either request your registration code from your HR department, find it on your intranet or request it at the following e-mail address: service@mitarbeitervorteile.de

    Log in with your user data and click on "My account" at the top of the home page. Here you can assign a new password. After entering your password twice, all you have to do is click on "Save" and your password will be changed.

    Please click on "Forgot your password?" at the top of the home page. Enter your registered e-mail address and click on "Send new password". Your new password will then be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

    Please send an e-mail to service@mitarbeitervorteile.de. You will then receive a confirmation to your new e-mail address.

    Please click on "My Account" at the top of the home page. Please check the box "Order newsletter" and save it

    Please click on "My Account" at the top of the start page. Please check the box next to "I would like to receive the latest benefits by e-mail regularly" and save. You can also click on "Unsubscribe" in the bottom section of your received newsletter, to avoid receiving weekly benefits.

    Please send an e-mail to service@mitarbeitervorteile.de with a short description of the problem. We will try to find a solution for you as soon as possible.

    To deactivate your account, please send an email to service@mitarbeitervorteile.de . You will then receive confirmation that your account has been deactivated.

    The cashback confirmation depends on the processing time of the partner shops. The whole process can take several days. The cashback can only be paid out once the purchase has been paid for and the cancellation or exchange period has expired. It can therefore take several weeks before you receive a credit note. You will find your collected credit balance under the "Cashback" function in the "My Account" section - this way you can find out about the current balance.

    Your cashback is calculated using the gross merchandise value and can be displayed either as a percentage share or as a fixed amount (you can find this information in the shop detail display in the portal under Special Features). The gross merchandise value is the purchase sum including VAT but excluding shipping costs. For example, if you buy a CD for 11.90 euros and have to pay 13.90 euros with shipping costs, the gross merchandise value is 11.90 euros. On this amount you will get the cashback. Please note: The purchase value may differ slightly from the invoice amount, as the system adds a flat rate of 19% VAT, even if this has already been taken into account or may be lower (e.g. 7% on food etc.).

    The cashback will be paid out to the registered customer account from the first full euro of the confirmed cashback on the 15th of the month following the expiry of the exchange, cancellation and revocation periods.

    All cash back purchases made via MIVO are recorded. All transactions that are marked as "confirmed" at the end of a month are automatically transferred to the deposited account. The minimum amount of the credit must be 1,- EUR.

    If you cannot find your cashback in the transaction overview, there may be a technical problem with the assignment of your transaction. If this is the case, first wait for about 24 hours to see if it is just a delay. If no transaction is noted even after 24 hours, you can make a subsequent booking request under "My recent purchases" by clicking on the "Complain about a purchase now" button.

    Cashback payments are only made if a transaction has actually taken place. The following reasons for a cashback cancellation are possible: 1. you have returned or cancelled an order 2. your credit card is not covered or the ordered item was not paid for by you. 3. the transaction was cancelled by the partner shop (article not available or similar). 4) When exchanging defective goods, partner store service representatives may create new transactions, which will result in cancellation of the original cashback transactions. Please also note that partial order cancellations may result in the cancellation of the entire cashback.

    You may be credited a smaller amount than expected. One reason could be that you have returned part of the order. Please also note that partial cancellations of orders may result in the cancellation of the entire cashback. Another reason could be that the partner shops do not transmit the purchase value correctly. If the purchase value is too low, you can inform us via the contact form and we will take care of a correction.

    There are a number of factors that can make it difficult or impossible to assign your data. Therefore we would like to give you the following recommendations for your purchase: 1. Your browser must accept cookies (especially so-called "third-party" or "3rd-party" cookies) and JavaScript should be activated. Please read the help of your browser if necessary. 2. Deactivate any ad blockers or pop-up blockers. Parental control programs can also interfere with the collection of the cashback. 3. log on to mitarbeitervorteile.de and call up the shop of your choice from there. 4. Do not open any more tabs or windows and do not click on anything in other tabs or windows. From now on, please do not call up any price comparisons or voucher pages. 5. Please carry out your purchase process in one go and without interruptions. The basic condition for a correct assignment is that you click on mitarbeitervorteile to our partner shop - if you go directly to the partner page or place the order by phone, employee benefits cannot assign your data and you will not receive a credit note. Therefore it is important that you first log in via mitarbeitervorteile and then go to the partner shop page.

    Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser. Only a unique identifier is stored in them, which assigns the transactions of your account. This identifier is not usable for the partner shop. Personal information will not be stored there under any circumstances. However, the cookie is very important for the recording of purchases for the cashback, as only in this way can the partner shop assign which website was used to make the purchase and therefore the cashback must be paid.